Five Ways To Improve Your School Website

Published: March 19, 2014

Webanywhere’s latest free guide has been put together to help you create a better website for your school.

For better or worse, schools are now being encouraged more and more to run like businesses – and subsequently need to compete for attention, work hard for outstanding Ofsted results, and ultimately ensure they fully meet their planned admission level each September.

5 Steps To A Better School Website will help any school wanting to promote themselves get the website they need. Whether you have an under used website, a poorly designed website – or no website at all – you can use this guide to create something that parents, pupils, teachers and your community will embrace.
Of course, Ofsted’s requirements for school websites are covered – if you want to see the full list of requirements you’ll find them in this list here, from last year –  but what’s also really important is having a strategy for your website. Some of the best school websites we’ve seen have been those that become part of everyday school life. Then, of course, there’s making everyone aware of your website – and we’ve covered that too, from informing parents to directing other teachers to it.

To download our free guide, 5 Steps To A Better School Website, click here.