School Jotter of the Week: West Rise Community Infant School

Published: April 4, 2014

This week we were really impressed with West Rise Community Infant School’s website. Their website has a fantastic theme which focuses on the earth as its background. This creates a real sense of wonder and reminds us that this school is a ‘‘magical place of learning, care and excellence”.
The ‘What Makes us Special?’ section is a great way for the school to spell out their message. It really seems like they are aiming to capture the imagination of their children and the website design fits perfectly with this theme.
A great feature of this website is the drop-down links which appear when hovering over each section of the banner. This allows the school to include lots of important information while at the same time keeping the website as user-friendly as possible.
The moving-image slider which appears at the forefront of each page really adds to the website’s overall visual appeal. It’s a great way to showcase lots of photos and give a true insight into the school.

To view West Rise Community Infant School’s website click here. To find out how your own school’s website can be impressive, functional and reflect your school’s message, get in touch with us here.