Webanywhere Launches 15 Exclusive Apps

Published: May 28, 2014

Webanywhere offers an end-to-end LMS service.
Now, we’ve taken our services one step further, and developed our own range of plug-ins – which we call our Apps – to help make your VLE more engaging, useful and easier to use.

These exclusive apps are only available from Webanywhere, and all of them are already being used by leading independent establishment St Alban’s School. We’ve given an overview of each one below – but to find out more, simply get in touch and book a demo here: https://www.webanywhere.co.uk/contact
Team Organiser
Create and organise teams for sports events. When you select students to be a part of these teams, they’ll automatically get a confirmation message to say they’ve been chosen, along with event details.

Stock Management
Keep track of equipment lent out to students, and make sure everything gets returned!
Group Communicator
Send group emails or SMS messages to parents, students or other members of staff.
Sanctions Management
Manage and keep track of detention sessions and sanctions given to students.
Output As
Print data from other modules into PDF format.
Forward Planner
Create a school diary for printing – and send key dates and events direct to your school website, all in one simple process.
Academic Reporting
See information about every student – from grades to notes from other teachers
Log calls and see their status  – and view the information on multiple devices.
See a full display of lesson plans for students and staff. Clicking on a session within the timetable will take the student to the course that they have to do.
Absence Overview
Get an at-a-glance report of who has attended classes – and who hasn’t!
Scores Viewer
Display house or team scores on the homepage as a graph.
Resource Booking
Book any resource (for example, rooms or cars) for any length of time. This module also integrates directly with PASS.
Teacher Cover Management
Input a lesson plan for a cover teacher to pick up – before they even arrive at school. Can also be used for normal lesson planning.
Get notifications when messages are received via other plug-ins/apps. A number appears on the menu bar to denote a new message; clicking it will take you to where the message is.
Training Requests & Courses
Manage staff training. Maintain training budgets, nominate staff members for training and keep track of where repeat training is needed. Staff can also request new courses.