School Jotter of the Week: Holton Le Clay Schools

Published: June 27, 2014

Recently, we featured a School Jotter website that acted as a website for two schools (Mary Howard and St Andrew’s Primary Schools) and talked about how this can be a useful solution for smaller schools that want a fantastic website without the price tag.

This week, we have a variation of this approach with Holton Le Clay Schools, near Grimsby in Lincolnshire. As with many schools, there is an infant school and junior school – which work very closely together, with pupils usually passing from the infant school to the junior school when they’re old enough.

So it makes sense to group them together when it comes to their online presence. Rather than sharing a website, Holton Le Clay Schools share a splash page. It means the point of entry is shared by both schools and then, as can be seen from the image above, you choose the school website you would like to enter!
It’s great use of a splash page – and it also saves parents having to remember two separate website addresses!
To view the Holton Le Clay Schools websites – and their splash page – click here. If you would like a splash page for your school’s website, or want to share a splash page with another school, get in touch with us here.