Website of the Week – Hungerford Primary

Published: September 1, 2015

We’re reviving the “Website of the Week” feature – check back every Tuesday when we’ll be shining our spotlight on yet another fantastic Jotter Site.
Hungerford brings a modern, tile-based design to its website, making great use of both contrasting colours with clean lines and imagery. The site went live in May 2015, and we can clearly see the school’s been getting great usage out of it in the ensuing months.
The first thing you see when you load the page is a stylised design of Stephenson’s Rocket, a reference to the railway heritage of the Crewe-based school. This is on the left of the header, leaving the right open for a large, circular slideshow of images of the school, for a thoroughly unique design. Below this, the image-based tiles provide an easy way of navigating around the site.

Scrolling down, we can see some great usage of School Jotter Site’s embedded objects. Parents, students and teachers can quickly see what’s happening at the school from the dynamic content, ranging from a visual calendar of events through to the latest news and a twitter feed – a surprisingly rare thing amongst primary schools! Promoting a twitter feed on the front page of a website is a great way to gain followers, as well as to show engagement with them.
The overall design of the site is one that’s elegant, informative and tailored to the school – this is no “one-size-fits-all” cheap template. Our designers have consulted with the school and their account manager in order to create a theme which perfectly reflects the school’s ethos.