Website of the Week – Alfreton Nursery School

Published: December 7, 2015

I might have been guilty lately of an oversaturation of our new uber themes – they aren’t the only thing we offer! That said, they do look absolutely lovely, and I get to pick the Website of the Week, so we’re doing another one – welcome to Alfreton Nursery School’s stunning new website.
Alfreton have been a Jotter user for a long time, and their old Jotter site was often held up as an example of how School Jotter sites can be used and designed effectively. I was certainly planning on featuring it at some time in the coming few months, so imagine my surprise when I got the notification that they’d had a redesign!

It’s one of our first uber themes to feature the popular paralax scrolling feature – where the backgrounds move at a slightly different speed to the foreground, lifting the content to your attention. The earthy, woodland photos really emphasise what the nursery is all about while also not being domineering – it’s a rural school with a strong focus on nature and the environment.
I particularly like the illustrations of seeds, trees and shells used as header images for each section – they’re bold and eyecatching without being distracting, in line with the general simplicity of the website. Melding simplicity with information is one of the hardest tasks a modern designer can face, so it’s great to see what our people are capable of.
Overall, this is an absolutely outstanding website for an Outstanding nursery school, and we wish Alfreton the very best in our continued partnership with them.