Website of the Week – Bowling Green Primary

Published: December 14, 2015

I think uber themes really are the future of school web design. All of our newer websites are great, but it’s the uber themes that really stand out as bold, modern and vibrant designs, while still being subtle and working on any device size. This week we’ll be looking at Halifax’s Bowling Green Primary School, as the last Website of the Week of 2015.
With Jotter 2 being three years old now we’re getting an increasing number of schools requesting upgrades to newer themes, as we saw last week with Alfreton. When you’re happy with the School Jotter software but want something a bit more modern for your front-facing website, a redesign can be an ideal, cost-effective way of getting what you need while maintaining your content in a hassle-free manner.

One of the touches I particularly like on Bowling Green’s new site is the frozen navigation bar at the top. This is a great way to get around the site quickly, especially with the longer pages that are currently the trend. This gives quick access to all the relevant, useful pages such as the school’s curriculum, its admissions policies and news of interest. While big, easy-to-click buttons are very useful, it can sometimes be a little difficult to find them on a website, something a floating navbar solves elegantly.
I’m also fond of Bowling Green’s usage of a slideshow as their hero image, to really show off the school itself. These photos add some much-needed dynamism to the webpage without being distracting. They’re nicely bounded by the school’s colours of green and white, which complement the text and design.
As more and more schools move onto uber themes, expect to see a lot more gushing praise from me over them, Bowling Green Primary are yet another fantastic website of the week.