School Jotter now features pictographic logins

Category: Customer Training

Published: February 25, 2016

Not everyone is proficient when it comes to using the keyboard, and this is especially true when talking about students – certainly in the early years, even spelling their own names and passwords can be tricky for some.
That’s why, in the latest version of School Jotter, we’ve added Picture Logins as a feature. Rather than entering names and passwords using a keyboard, pupils (or teachers – we’re not here to judge) can log into their Jotter account by entering the correct series of icons from a grid. Setting it up is easy too!

First, you’re going to want to go to the Admin page on the School Jotter dashboard. Click Login Settings on the left.

By default, there’s nothing here, so we need to click Add Login Box at the top of the page, bringing up this screen.

In the Label box, give this tab a name – we suggest “Picture login”. From the Type dropdown, choose Pictures. You’ve now added the ability to log in through pictures! For neatness’ sake, you may want to repeat the above step with a “Manual login” label and Manual type. Once you log out, you’ll notice a change on the School Jotter login screen.

Clicking the Picture login tab brings up this screen.

Of course, we don’t have any picture logins set up so let’s do that now. Go back to the Admin screen – the Users tab should display by default, but if it doesn’t click Users in the left menu.

You need to set picture logins individually for students. To do so, pick the student you want to change from the userlist and click Manage picture login, highlighted in the image above.

You can now set a “username” and “password” out of the image tiles. To help with memorisation, you may want to create stories to go along with these, for example in the image above you might say “my dog took a rocket to the stars on his birthday.” You can remove symbols with the red X in the top right. Once you’re done, click Update to save, and you’re done!
Note that students cannot change their own picture logins, and that these are by definition less secure than regular passwords. If possible, we always recommend using a secure password whether it’s hiding a child’s school portfolio or the School Jotter superadmin page, but for young or SEN children such a solution isn’t always feasible. We hope you find this new tool useful and welcome any feedback you may have.