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Published: March 3, 2016

You might have heard a lot of talk about School Jotter’s function as a VLE. While a repository to store learning materials is all well and good, a VLE really needs a way to actually assess students’ learning – it’s a good thing, then, that Resources and Learn (bundled together) offer this capability!
First of all, you’re going to need to go to the Resources app from your School Jotter dashboard (you can also create Quizzes from within Learn itself, but we’ll do it this way as it’s much the same method). Click Create Resource at the top of the page, then choose Quiz from the dropdown.

You’ll be presented with the screen here:

This will let you configure your quiz. It has the following options:

  • Title – The title of the quiz
  • Description – Its description for the Resource library
  • Display questions/answers in random order? – Checkboxes for those options
  • Allow user to reattempt quiz – As title suggests
  • Provide feedback at the end of the quiz – Gives direct feedback to end-users
  • Add a pass percentage – When box is checked, you can specify what grade students must reach to pass the quiz.

Press Next and you’ll be taken to the section where you add the questions:

There’s four types of questions here (note that free-text is not self-markable, for obvious reasons), which we’ll go through in turn. Above is the Multiple choice option, selectable from the green Add Question button. Here you need to specify which options are correct by ticking the boxes next to them.
What’s important with this version is that you work out how you’re going to assign points – is it going to be one point for getting all answers correct, or one point for each correct answer? Assign points accordingly in the field at the top.

A single-choice, seen above, is very similar, but this time you need only choose a single answer.

True or false is the simplest type of question – simply type it in the box and specify whether it’s true or false.

Note that free-text answers, shown here, cannot be automatically marked, though a point value is still required. For example, a single-word answer might be worth a point, while an essay question could be worth more.
Once you’ve added all your questions (you can also add more later if you want to), click next and it’ll take you here:

You don’t have to fill this section in, but if you do it will help other users when it comes to sharing your quiz with the community. When done, click Next, taking you here:

This is the sharing settings screen, essentially. You can choose if you want to not share your quiz, share it within the school or publish it to the wider School Jotter community for general usage. It’s entirely up to you which one you pick. Click Create and that’s your quiz done!
Let’s put it on a page in Learn now. Go to the page, enter Edit mode and click Insert Item > Quiz.

You can now choose from any quizzes you’ve previously picked (as well as community ones if you like). Select Choose next to your quiz and it’ll be inserted nicely in the page. You can administer it and view results from anywhere it’s embedded as well as within Resources itself!

Don’t have Learn or Resources? Speak to a member of our education team on 0800 862 0131 or email us at You can also activate a free, thirty-day trial from the School Jotter appstore.
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