Homework: Beneficial or Harmful? [Infographic]

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Published: April 12, 2016

Check out our infographic on the pros and cons of homework in primary schools. Teachers should take them into consideration when deciding whether homework is beneficial for their students.

Homework: Beneficial or Harmful for pupils?
No homework policy has been implemented in several countries, however, some experts still argue on its benefits for student learning.
The Pros

  • Homework helps students consolidate what was taught during the school day.
  • It lets parents learn what their kids are doing at school.
  • Development of self-discipline, time management and research skills.
  • Homework facilitates rote learning

The Cons

  • Homework can be very stressful for students.
  • It drains pupils’ free time for playing, sports and hobbies.
  • Students feel their family time is reduced.
  • Hatred for a subject can be developed due to the workload.

There in no doubt that homework in primary schools should be as light as possible. Teachers should always try and make it fun by using learning apps like the ones on School Jotter to increase pupils engagement.