Top 5 social media tips to focus on your school

Published: November 28, 2022

Social media tips for schools

In the digital age, social media has emerged as a significant player in building your school’s marketing strategy.

Establishing a power packed digital presence becomes imperative for any school that wants to reach out to new parents, highlight what’s best about the school and convey the institution’s key values and ethos.

If you’re merely posting pictures at random without a concrete plan of action, you’re yet to fully utilise the power of social media to your advantage.

When most of your time and effort are dedicated to running your school, managing Instagram and Facebook may seem too time-consuming and burdensome.

Still wondering how to begin and make things better?

We’ve listed down five ways in which your school can ace the social media game.

5 social media tips to focus on your school

Social media can do a lot of work for you if you know how to harness its potential the right way. The latest social media tools along with the right content expands your school’s reach without overwhelming you with too many technicalities.

Let us walk you through a few social media tips that’ll help keep the focus on your school.

1. Give your audience something that they love 

There’s enough negativity floating all around. You certainly don’t want to add to it through social media posts. Your school’s page should be an epitome of fun, positivity and learning and the posts should reflect that spirit.

Help your institution develop a unique voice, one that’ll draw people’s attention with its distinct appeal and subtle marketing. Give your audience something that’ll compel them to click on “like”, “love” and “share”. Step up your creativity quotient and come up with fresh, original and witty posts. 

2. Reflect on your brand 

You’ve worked hard to create a brand value for your school. Now is the time to let that brand’s aura and goodwill shine through. Use social media to showcase your school’s key values and its USPs.

This will go a long way in bringing in an audience for your content and building a relationship of trust with them. It’s not just the quality of your posts that makes a difference. What matters most is how you engage with people on social media.

3. Never take it as the only way to reach the public  

While social media is an effective medium to create a wider outreach, it’s not the only way of reaching out to your target audience. Sure, its popularity has skyrocketed in the post-Covid era.

Not everyone is active on social media. In order to achieve success, explore other avenues such as newsletters, emails, publications and many more. 

4. Use unique visuals to captivate your audience 

Let those unique visuals and eye-catching videos highlight the distinctive character of your school. When a post is accompanied by some interesting visual reference, it drives home your point more effectively. Such posts find huge favour with social media algorithms and the public likes them too!

Try video content to generate better engagement and attract attention much quicker than static posts. Get creative with Instagram reels, stories, YouTube shorts – there’s no dearth of options on social media when it comes to content creation. 

5. Utilise as readers for bigger announcements 

You don’t have to reveal every bit of information on your school’s social media handle. Facilitate interactions that are beyond the digital space. You can use social media for teaser announcements for big events. Such posts are informative in nature, notifying your audience about the date, time, venue and purpose of the event but don’t reveal anything else. This heightens the curiosity and encourages people to join.


Several factors contribute towards carving out a strong social media presence for any school. It may seem like a daunting task but with the right guidance and appropriate tools, there’s nothing much to worry about. After all, social media is inarguably the most potent channel for connecting with your audience and giving your school’s reputation a massive boost.