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04 May
Jotter Call Screens
School Jotter Call Visual Walk through
Category: Jotter Mobile, Uncategorized
I’m sure you’ve heard us talking about the latest development to our School Jotter Mobile App, Jotter calls. If you haven’t, here’s a short explanation: Jotter Calls is an addit...
27 Apr
Untitled (2)
Jotter Learn vs Google Classroom
Category: Learning Management Systems, Unca...
20 Apr
5 Steps to Success for Online Lessons
Category: e-Learning Resources, Education T...
It’s the start of a new term, yet Summer 2020 is like no term any teacher has ever experienced. The ongoing global pandemic has changed everything we know about teaching and it’...
09 Apr
Fun family activities for Easter Weekend!
Category: Uncategorized
This year, a four day weekend seems more daunting than ever, and it would be easy enough to call defeat before it’s even begun. We don’t want to let lockdown ruin your Easter, i...
02 Apr
Celebrity Classes Lockdown Image (1)
Your free timetable for celebrity lessons in lockdown
Category: e-Learning Resources, ICT Tips, L...
The UK’s current lockdown seems daunting, and working from home can prove difficult, with time split between conference calls, emailing, and on top of that – childcare! Th...
06 Jan
Building a great new website for you school
Category: School Jotter, School Website Des...
Your website provides a vital link between staff and parents, school and home – or at least it should. There are so many templates schools can use to build a website quickly and...
12 Dec
background 350x220 - competition
Free Mobile App Competition! | Webanywhere Blog
Category: Competition, Jotter Mobile, Schoo...
We're running a competition to win a free mobile app for schools across the country. All you have to do to enter is get your pupils to create a design showing how they would lik...
30 May
parental involvement and engagement in MATs Multi Academy Trusts
How Multi Academy Trusts (MATs) Can Improve Communications with Parents
Category: Education Technology
Multi Academy Trusts is an academy trust that operates more than one academy school. They differ from state schools as the academy can decide what the money funded by the govern...
23 May
Different types of observation methods in early years
Different types of observation methods in early years
Category: Technologies
Observation is the key to understanding young children and finding out more about them as individuals. It is a fundamental aspect of the assessment and planning cycle, and provi...
09 May
Phonics Learning
Using Audio in Phonics Learning
Category: Education Technology
Phonic learning is the method used in schools across the UK to teach children how to read. It involves sounding out words and vowels and “blending” them to demonstrate how diffe...