Blessed Christopher Wharton Trust

Case Study

  • School: Blessed Christopher Wharton Trust
  • Location: Bradford, West Yorkshire
  • Website:

Blessed Christopher Wharton faced a significant challenge in managing the websites of over 20 schools under the Multi Academy Trust (MAT). The existing systems and outdated technology led to disparate website management processes, hindering governance and compliance efforts. Ensuring content syndication from the central MAT website became increasingly problematic, necessitating a comprehensive solution to address these issues.


With a multitude of schools using different systems and technologies, maintaining consistent governance and compliance standards proved arduous. Manual content syndication processes caused inconsistencies and potential compliance risks, while the lack of centralized oversight hindered efficient management of the websites. Blessed Christopher Wharton recognised the urgency to streamline website management and sought a solution that would address these challenges effectively.


To overcome the challenges, Blessed Christopher Wharton spearheaded the implementation of a centralized website management system. By adopting modern technology, the MAT aimed to unify its online presence, enhance governance and compliance, and simplify content syndication. The new system would provide standardised processes, collaborative capabilities, and comprehensive oversight of the schools’ websites.


The MAT partnered with a leading web management solutions provider to develop a centralised platform tailored to their specific needs. The solution offered a user-friendly interface, enabling administrators across the schools to efficiently manage website content, ensuring adherence to governance and compliance requirements. The platform integrated seamlessly with the central MAT website, automating the syndication process and ensuring consistent and accurate information across all school websites.

The implementation of the centralised website management system yielded remarkable results. Blessed Christopher Wharton and the MAT witnessed significant improvements in governance and compliance practices. The streamlined content syndication process eliminated inconsistencies and compliance risks, providing a unified and accurate representation of each school’s values and achievements. Standardised processes enhanced efficiency, reducing administrative burden and empowering staff to focus on their core responsibilities.

Furthermore, the new system facilitated collaboration among schools, fostering knowledge sharing and best practices across the MAT. The comprehensive oversight allowed administrators to track website performance, user engagement, and compliance metrics, enabling data-driven decision-making for continuous improvement.

By addressing the challenge of disparate website management systems, Blessed Christopher Wharton successfully improved governance and compliance across the 20+ schools within the MAT. The implementation of the centralized website management system streamlined processes, enhanced collaboration, and ensured consistent content syndication. This case study serves as an exemplar for educational institutions seeking to overcome similar challenges and establish robust website governance practices within a multi-school environment.

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