Christ the King RC Primary School

Case Study

Christ the King Primary School embarked on a journey to enhance its website using School Jotter, resulting in significant improvements in communication and user experience. The school’s website underwent a transformation, becoming a centralised hub for parents, students, and staff. With School Jotter’s intuitive interface and integrated features such as news updates, event calendars, and parent-teacher communication, the school achieved enhanced engagement, streamlined communication, and a stronger sense of community. The website became a valuable resource, providing up-to-date information and fostering effective collaboration between all stakeholders.


Our challenge with Christ the King RC Primary School was to design a website that genuinely reflects the school’s values and ethos. Christ the King RC Primary School had an expensive service for their parent communication spending a fortune on text messages.


To address the unique needs of Christ the King RC Primary School, School Jotter provided a more cost effect solutions reducing the school’s spend on text messages.

Our team provided comprehensive training to the school’s team, empowering them to effectively manage and continually enhance the website and mobile app. Through these efforts, the school now has a digital platform that genuinely reflects their mission and values.


The School Jotter mobile app not only reduced costs, it also was able to offer extensive other services alongside messaging and as it synchronised with the webite is saved time due to the reduced workload.

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4.7 star stars rating out of 5 from 1800 parents. Organise a free demo now!