Hertford Vale C. E. Primary School

Case Study

  • School: Hertford Vale C. E. Primary School
  • Location: North Yorkshire
  • Website: https://www.hertfordvale.co.uk

“A big thank you to your team. School Jotter delivered productive meetings with lots of good advice about the website and app.”

Liz Blogg


The school website had an outdated design, lacked responsiveness, and provided a poor user experience for both current and potential families. It failed to make a strong first impression and did not effectively showcase the school's offerings and values.


After revamping the website, it underwent a remarkable transformation. The new design is visually appealing, incorporates responsive elements, and provides an intuitive user interface. As a result, the website now captivates visitors, leaves a positive first impression, and effectively communicates the school's brand and offerings.


By implementing a responsive design approach, the website now seamlessly adapts to various devices, ensuring an optimal user experience for everyone. The redesign included modernising the visual elements, optimising navigation, and highlighting key information. The solution has significantly enhanced the website's appeal, attracting both current and potential families and supporting the school's overall success.

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