Warwick Road Primary School

Case Study


School looking for an interactive ‘alive’ web design with twinkling stars. Our team of designers created a bespoke website for the school based on their requirements. I think you will all agree its a very fun and interactive design which will appeal to both parents and pupils.


To make a good website for Warwick Road Primary School using School Jotter, we have some ideas:

Easy for Everyone: We’ll create a website that’s easy to use and looks nice, so it matches the school’s style.

For Everyone: We’ll make sure the website works well for everyone, including people with disabilities.

Safe and Secure: We’ll add strong security to protect important information and keep the website safe.

Learning Together: We’ll teach the people who will run the website so they can do it well and make it better.

By doing these things, the school website can be a good way to share information and talk to everyone.


As we prepare to introduce the website for Warwick Road Primary School, we follow a series of important steps:

Checking Content: We carefully review all the words and pictures on the website to make sure they’re correct and helpful.

Testing: We invite some people to try out the website to see if it’s easy to use. If they discover any issues, we promptly address them.

Training: We provide guidance to the team responsible for the website, teaching them how to add and modify content.

Security: We take measures to ensure that the website is protected from any malicious activity or individuals who may try to cause harm.

Mobile-Friendly: We make certain that the website works smoothly on phones and tablets, not just on computers.

Data Backup: We have a plan in place to keep all the website information safe, so we can recover it if anything goes wrong.

Announcement: We inform everyone at Warwick Road Primary School about the new website, explaining how to use it effectively.

Feedback: We encourage users to share their thoughts about the website. If they notice anything that needs improvement, we’re here to listen and make it better.

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