West Acton Primary School

Case Study


At West Acton Primary School, we wanted a website that feels alive and engaging, like a starry night. Our talented team of designers crafted a special website just for the school, following their wishes. We believe you’ll find it not only fun but also interactive, making it attractive to both parents and students.


When we build a great website for West Acton Primary School, we have some important ways to make it special:

Friendly Design: We’ll create a design that’s easy to use and looks nice, just for your school.

Easy for Everyone: We’ll make sure everyone, including those with disabilities, can use the website easily. We want everyone to be part of it.

Safety First: We’ll put strong locks on the website to keep your information safe and make sure it’s a secure place.

Learning Together: We’ll teach the people who take care of the website how to make it better and better.

With these special touches, your primary school’s website becomes a fantastic way to talk and share important things with everyone.


As we get ready to introduce the website for West Acton Primary School, we follow these special steps:

Checking Everything: We carefully look at all the words and pictures on the website to make sure they’re just right and useful.

Letting People Try: We ask some folks to use the website and see if it’s easy to figure out. If they find any problems, we fix them fast.

Teaching the Team: We help the folks in charge of the website learn how to add and change things.

Keeping It Safe: We put strong locks on the website to protect it from anyone who might want to do something bad.

Working on Phones and Tablets: The website should be just as easy to use on phones and tablets as it is on computers.

Saving Everything: We have a plan to keep all the website information safe, so we can get it back if something goes wrong.

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