School Websites

School Websites

Affordable & Outstanding School Website Design


Create stunning school website design in minutes, and update it with ease.

The UK’s most popular school website system, School Jotter has become so popular because it’s easy to use and allows schools to have attractive and intuitive school websites to promote themselves. Even the least tech-savvy teacher can create pages in minutes.

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School Website Designs


Key Features

  • Translate option: Translates pages to any language
  • Website statistics: Analyse visitor numbers and page clicks
  • School calendar: Display all your key dates in one place
  • Bespoke designs: To reflect the colours and ethos of your school
  • Simple layout: Adding content and pages is quick and easy

Key Benefits

  • Meet Ofsted requirements: Site is easy to use, allowing you to add all the information required quickly and easily. New menu options can be created for you to add your data
  • Improve parental engagement: Translate allows you to communicate with parents whose first language is not English; attractive designs mean visiting your website will be a joy
  • Eliminate paperwork: Instead of sending out newsletters, you can direct parents to your website. Absence forms can be created and submitted on your website too
  • Promote your school: Your website will help advertise your school to potential parents. It can show off your greatest achievements and illustrate why they should choose you
  • Save time: The Site app is so simple to use that even the least tech-savvy teacher can update the school website

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