Website Of The Week: Bright Futures Day Nursery

Published: February 1, 2013

Bright Futures Day Nursery’s website is still under construction. However, there is still plenty of content on the site for visitors.
It’s the design of this website, however, that really makes it stand out. Created to show the nursery itself and the countryside around it (Bright Futures it set within rural Cheshire), it’s one of the best School Jotter designs yet.

In terms of the website’s layout, there’s enough for parents without the content being over-facing: with information about the nursery’s awards, the curriculum and the play areas available to the children. All content can be found in neat, drop-down boxes from the menu across the top.
For parents with children at the nursery, as well as the nursery’s staff, there are user-only areas where they can find extra content – which is great for creating interaction between nursery and parent. It adds another dimension to what is a well-thought-out, attractive and engaging website.
We look forward to seeing the website when it’s fully-populated with content – for now, take a look at the Bright Futures Day Nursery website for yourself here.