The UK’s Number 1 School Website System Gets A New Look

Published: February 17, 2014

Last month, we announced that two new e-learning products were on the horizon. School Merits and Jotter Learn were both unveiled at the BETT Show, in almost-finished form, and visitors to the Webanywhere stand had the opportunity to see how they could transform learning in schools.

This month, we announce our next development. School Jotter, the UK’s leading primary school website system, is to become part of a fully-integrated e-learning ‘suite’.

To begin with, all our existing customers who use School Jotter 2 – the second incarnation of the School Jotter system, launched in 2012 – will be upgraded to a new dashboard for free. Called the Jotter Suite, it’ll look something like the image above.
The Site button is where their School Jotter 2 website can be accessed. In other words, the website itself won’t change, or how it’s edited – more how it’s accessed. However, the messaging, admin and file storage features of School Jotter have been split off into separate apps, as you can see from the screenshot above.
Next – and this is where it all ties together – School Merits and Jotter Learn will both become available. They will both be accessible via the Jotter Suite dashboard, bringing with them apps for blogging and creating forums. School Merits and Jotter Learn will be available from 26th February,
Eventually, all Webanywhere products will be accessible via the Jotter Suite. It means one sign-in for all your e-learning needs, plus you’ll be able to transfer data between the different products, seamlessly. For example, soon, you’ll be able to download the progress reports of your class from School Merits direct to your School Jotter website system. Ultimately, it’ll save teachers time, give you more opportunities for integrating e-learning – and make learning online a more enjoyable experience.
If you’d like to find out more about the new Jotter Suite dashboard, or the new apps, sign up for the School Merits and Jotter Learn launch webinars on Wednesday, 26th February.
You can get all the details regarding the webinars here.

School Jotter Is Changing…

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Published: February 11, 2014

If you’re a School Jotter customer, or if you visited our stand at the BETT Show you may have already heard the news – or even seen an early mock up – but our flagship primary school product is changing.

School Jotter, currently on version 2, is used by more primary schools than any other school website system available. Teachers like how easy it is to use, and the attractive websites that we can create for them. Administering their website is simple and takes minutes, and means updating and maintaining the school’s website becomes a joy rather than a chore.

Because of this, we didn’t really want to change the way that the School Jotter system itself works. So, the changes that are taking place are more around the actual dashboard – the first screen you see when you log in.
Now, if you use School Jotter, your school’s website can integrate with your e-learning. The new dashboard – the Jotter Suite as it has been named – is now home to a range of apps, with more being developed all the time. The first apps, to be officially launched on Wednesday, 26th February, will be Jotter Learn and School Merits.
Jotter Learn allows teachers to create department and classroom websites – giving them a secure online location to assign work, and provide an information resource for pupils. These ‘learning sites’ can be created to support any subject or assignment.
Jotter Learn also allows resources and lesson plans to be shared between schools, with the aim of building a ‘School Jotter community.’
The School Merits app allows pupils to be rewarded online. Teachers can bulk assign classes and year groups with ‘merits’ – an online currency which pupils can use to build avatars and donate to charity. Teachers can track progress through online reporting and parents can see how well their child is doing in school.
Other, smaller apps that will be launched at the same time include Blog, and Messages; We’re expecting Blog to be particularly popular, as more and more schools are using blogs to improve written English skills.
Later this month, you could win the full Jotter Suite, including School Jotter, Jotter Learn, School Merits and Blog for one year! Every school that takes part in our launch event will be entered into a draw to win this prize, worth around £4,000. To stand a chance of winning, simply:

  • Sign up to our launch webinar at 3.45pm on 26th February

Here, you’ll see the new Jotter Suite in more detail via an online presentation


  • Attend our launch event at 4.15pm on 26th February at Webanywhere HQ, Keighley

Here, you’ll get to see the new Jotter Suite in more detail, enjoy an alcoholic beverage with us, and grab a bite to eat

For more information about the launch, to book a demo at your school, or to request a digital brochure, simply email

Two New School Jotter Products You Can Buy At BETT

Category: Development

Published: January 15, 2014

BETT is now less than a week away – and here at Webanywhere, we’re making final preparations to release two very exciting developments of the School Jotter brand.

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