New Product Launched – Learnanywhere Learning Platform For Primary Schools

Published: September 28, 2010

We are pleased to announce that Learnanywhere, our easier to use yet powerful learning platform,  is now available to Primary Schools.
Learnanywhere was developed in response to Primary Schools’ need for an easier-to-use VLE that promotes learning both within and outside the classroom without the technical complexity or higher cost of alternative systems.
With the ability to combine original and third party content, personal management tools and ‘always on’ accessibility, the new Learnanywhere Primary School platform is a unique teaching and learning tool that
• Rewards personal effort and attainment by primary age children;
• Supports time-pressured teachers (lesson content can be created, and work assessed online in minutes);
• Enables more engaging school-home links.

As well as reinforcing key curriculum learning outcomes, Learnanywhere provides students with rewarding fun, inspiring them to make regular use of their personalised learning platform. In the form of an on-screen avatar ‘buddy’, children can collect rewards for effort and attainment, contribute within their community, engage in a variety of lessons, quizzes and other activities, and chat and play games online with their friends.
Visit the website for more on our learning platform for primary schools ( or call us free on 0800 862 0131.