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31 Mar
School Jotter updates
School Jotter 4.4 is here
Category: Release notes, Support
If you logged into School Jotter this morning, you might have noticed a few changes. Or perhaps not, a lot of what we’re doing is behind the scenes and designed to make Sc...
02 Mar
Cyber Crime
How To Avoid Getting Phished | Webanywhere Blog
Category: e-Safety, School Website Content,...
“Phishing” is what happens when someone manages to get control of your username and password through pretending to be in a position of authority. It can take many forms, from fa...
14 Jan
Adding a private page to your School Jotter website
Category: Customer Training
Welcome back to the new year – here’s your first tips post of 2016! There are many reasons you might want to add a private page to your website. Perhaps you’d ...
14 Dec
Webanywhere Podcast Episode 3 is now available for download
Category: ICT Tips, Lesson Ideas, Podcast, ...
Coming to you slightly early this month so as to keep you company over the frosty nights, the Webanywhere Podcast this month takes a look at Christmas traditions around the worl...
07 Dec
Staying secure online with Webanywhere
Category: e-Safety, ICT Tips, School Websit...
As the UK’s largest provider of school websites, website security is of course an issue of utmost importance to us, and your security as customers is paramount. Here’s a list of...
06 Nov
Using the new Jotter Safety Shield button
Category: Customer Training, Support
Those of you who logged into School Jotter recently might have noticed a new button in the top right of your dashboard – a shield. This is Jotter Safety Shield – our...