Behind the scenes at Webanywhere

Category: Company News

Published: February 26, 2016

From our emails, you might think that all we do around here is write blog articles, create websites and develop learning platforms, but there’s actually a lot more to Webanywhere than just that! We did a staff photo shoot this week for our new website (ooh spoilers!). Here’s some of the… beautiful outtakes.

Lawrence is one of our secondary elearning consultants. In this photograph we can’t quite tell if he is mid sneeze or showing off his selfie face. You decide.
Ellie is a Primary elearning consultant at our Webanywhere, we didn’t have the heart to tell her she was a bit late for the Great Ormond Street bad hair day.
Tom, a delivery consultant perfected this pose whilst on a first date at the zoo.  We wouldn’t buy a hat just yet for that wedding.
Our Marketing Campaigns Manager Sally holds three world records in “hand surfing”. No-one else in the office has ever asked what that is.