3 Tips for Building a Great School Website

Category: School Websites

Published: October 22, 2010

Sharing your school news with the world means nothing more than customising  a web page template with your text and pictures and adding your logo, right? Well, yes – but to create a truly polished site there’s more to think about! Here’s a few tips to help get you creating.
  1. Try and limit the number of colours – you really don’t want pages that include all the colours of a rainbow! Carefully considered colour schemes create harmony between the various pages of your website.
  2. Make sure your site pages are quick to load by resizing your picture sizes before you upload them. This is especially relevant for users with slower connections.  Also, think about creating a simple navigation system.  Draw a content map out before you start creating your pages. Web users will return if the site saves them time by being easy to navigate.
  3. Don’t place random hyperlinks throughout your page text and make sure all hyperlinks are created from existing body text, rather than entering the full URL of the destination page.