The 5 Principles that Drive an LMS

Category: Open Source,VLEs

Published: November 8, 2010

Webanywhere customers that are LMS users may be interested to read that the core functionality of the world’s most popular open source LMS is built around five principles that have guided development since the earliest days.  These beliefs can be clearly seen in the design (the forums, glossary, wiki, etc) which all provide ample opportunities for students to create materials in a safe/secure online environment which can instantly be seen and reviewed by peers.

The five principles are:

  1. Students can be teachers and teachers can be students.  Everyone can be a learner.
  2. We learn well by creating and expressing for others.
  3. We learn a lot by watching others.
  4. Understanding others transforms us.
  5. We learn well when the learning environment is flexible and adaptable to suit our needs.

Interesting thinking, I’m sure you’d agree!