Prepare Your School Website For Christmas

Category: Support

Published: December 3, 2013

It doesn’t seem five minutes since the new school term started, does it? Yet here we are, into December already – and I’m sure you’ve started counting down to the last day of term!

If you’ve already decorated the classrooms, start thinking about getting your school’s website all festive too. If you’re a School Jotter user, we’ve listed three ways you can make your website more festive – and more fun to visit!

Christmas Theme
Your school website theme is what people will notice first – it’s your brand and it makes your website a more attractive place to visit.
If you have a School Jotter website, you can amend your banner to include festive imagery. In fact, you can change your banner whenever you like – to reflect seasons, months or special events. Contact your Webanywhere Account Manager to find out more about changing your website’s banner to reflect the festive season.
Alternatively, you can decorate your website’s homepage and sub pages with festive photographs and images. This is easy to do with School Jotter – and could be completed in minutes!
Nativity Video
A video is a fantastic interactive way to make your school website more festive. If you are staging a Nativity play this winter, why not film it and upload the results to your school website? It doesn’t even have to be the full play – the edited highlights would still give your website the right festive touch. A shorter video would be easier for viewers to digest, too.
Plus, not only will you have parents visiting the website to view the results – videos also make your website 50 times more likely to show up in search results. So you’ll attract more prospective parents to your website – who’ll see how fun your school can be!
Find out about the school video services Webanywhere provides by clicking here.
School Updates App
Keep your website up to date with regular news posts. Whether it’s information about the Nativity play, inviting parents to buy tickets – or announcing that Santa will be visiting your school – keeping the News section fresh and topical will mean visitors will be coming back for more, more often.
Go one step further with the School Jotter bolt on feature, the School Updates app, and parents will be notified via their smartphones each time you update your News page! This is perfect for last minute closures – don’t forget, there is snow forecast for some parts of the country later this week! Contact us here to find out more about the School Updates app.