With e-Learning, Less Is More | Webanywhere Blog

Published: March 24, 2014

In the first of a monthly guest post on www.webanywhere.co.uk, e-Learning Consultant James Norris explains why our new range of e-learning apps will help solve the issue of teachers’ lack of time.

You may have heard the expression ‘The more the merrier.’ Well this may be true for a lot of things, but when it comes to educational technology, the more accurate saying would be ‘less is more.’

During my five years of working with schools and educational technology, I have met thousands of teachers, ICT coordinators, headteachers, business managers, and so on. The number one issue fed back to me regarding the use of educational software is that time really is money (another saying, I know).

We all know teachers are very limited with time. This is the reason many purchases of software in schools are not proving overly successful with a large proportion of the users.

Using a number of different solutions might look good on paper, and it may meet your perceived needs. But, using a number of different solutions creates more time management issues for teachers alike.

Webanywhere’s new app-based e-learning solution is aiming to rectify this issue.

No longer will a teacher need to log into different solutions to update a website and a VLE. No longer will there be confusion for teacher and pupils, due to the number of solutions they use.

The Jotter Suite is a range of applications, inspired by Webanywhere’s drive to be the best innovators in educational technology. In time, they will cover every possible need, and will all be accessible in one place. Full integration between the apps also means admin time is cut down considerably. Quite simply, you can update your website, manage your e-learning, send internal messages, rewards points to students, manage blogs, and much much more, all using the same solution.

This allows educators to utilise the little time they have, to provide the best learning outcome possible. So, although every teacher, pupil and school will have many needs, the simplest way to solve this is to use one solution for all. I’m looking forward to seeing the new range of apps help improve learning outcomes in schools around the world.