Webanywhere’s Education Apps: Our Downloadable Guide

Category: Development

Published: June 29, 2014

Back in February, when Webanywhere revealed the next generation of e-learning, we had just two apps available to buy: Learn and Merits.

Both have been a huge success, and in the four months since, we’ve released a brace of other products, all of which tap into teachers’ needs and enhance the learning experience.

Now, we’ve put together a guide to these apps, which you can download. 12 Education Apps That Will Benefit Your School gives an at-a-glance overview of each app, listing key features and also the benefits of using the apps in your school.

It’s the ideal starting point if you’re yet to dip your toe into e-learning, you already have one or two Webanywhere products but are considering others, or if you want to take your school to the next level using technology.

Of course, you can book a demo of any of the apps and see exactly how they work and how they can transform learning in your school – but for now, you can download the guide by clicking here.

Once you’ve had a look through, book a demo of any – or all – of our e-learning apps by getting touch here.