Introduction To: Spellings | Webanywhere Blog

Published: November 27, 2015

We recently launched our new Spellings app, and have been totally overwhelmed by the responses so far – it seems this is a product that a lot of schools are interested in! It’s not hard to see why either – we’ve created an easy way for you to automatically set, mark and track spelling tests online, and our advanced features really do make it stand out from the crowd.

To start with, you don’t even need to actually set spelling tests yourself – just import some from our bank of pre-made and community-submitted accounts. Only customers can contribute to the community, so you won’t need to worry about any bad words sneaking in, and we’ll be moderating tests. Additionally, our pre-made tests have been created with the curriculum in mind, so you’ll have a complete set of lists ready to go from the start!

Of course, the option to build your own lists is always there for you and offers a complete, robust service. It doesn’t even have to be English words – why not use it to test vocab in modern foreign languages? Tests can be taken wherever you like, and on any device – it’s works on any platform that supports a modern web browser.

One of the most exciting features of Spellings is its tracking capabilities. Not only are you able to track individual students’ learning across the curriculum by resetting the same test several times, but with our Brain Train feature you’ll be able to see which words most of them are struggling with, and set them as a test to assess progress. It’s a thoroughly robust tool for tracking spelling and vocabulary proficiency, and it can even help inform general education policy!

Naturally, for parental engagement, the results of spelling tests are able to be written back to students’ markbooks, so parents won’t be thumbing through a grubby spellings booklet to find out how their kids are doing – all they’ll need to do is log on and receive a detailed breakdown of their child’s progress (assuming the school offers this ability).

We’re really excited about this, and a lot of work has gone into developing it. For a free, no-obligation demo, contact us at