Our new helpsite is here!

Category: Customer Training

Published: March 23, 2016

If you’ve been using School Jotter for any length of time, you might have come across our help site at wa.schooljotter2.com. We built this in School Jotter to provide a knowledge-base for our customers looking to know more about the system. As helpful as it is, we’ve always found (and heard) that it’s a bit hard to navigate and find your way around though, and we think we’ve come up with a solution.

Presenting education.webanywhere.co.uk

Our all new site, education.webanywhere has all the help and resources from the old site (which you can still access, for now at least!) in an easy-to-use, responsive system. It’s based on our Promatum software, which we’ve developed over the last few years in conjunction with several major international corporations – and you, our School Jotter customers, get to be some of the first to try it out!
It’s got a number of great features to help you get the most out of your School Jotter learning, including

  • A tag-based search system
  • Modular organisation
  • Advanced learning tracking capabilities (only available when logged in)
  • Bookmark, save and log useful pieces of information
  • Resource embedding from anywhere
  • The potential to open it up for user-submissions

So go and give it a spin – just visit education.webanywhere.co.uk and search for what you need. Alternatively, check the content library for direct access to courses and modules in School Jotter best practice.
We’re excited for people to start using this new helpsite, and if you have any feedback on the system we’d love to hear it – drop us a mail at info@webanywhere.co.uk with any thoughts, ideas or feedback you might have.