EdTech is big business [Podcast]

Published: April 23, 2018


EdTech is big business
“Investors state around 8.15 billion dollars in education technology in 2017 so EdTech is big business.”
$9.5 billion EdTech market is 2018 with growth in China
“China has the world’s biggest market for school-aged children and it predicted 9.5 billion dollars will be spent in 2018 in Edtech.”
18% year on year growth for EdTech
“Overall the rate of growth in the EdTech market is 18% year on year and the total global market is said to be worth 130 billion dollars.”
Apple to challenge Google’s dominance of Education
“In order to challenge Google’s dominance of education Apple has just introduced a low-cost iPad with hopes of muscling its way back into schools.”

200GB of free iCloud Storage for Education
“Alongside the introduction of low cost iPads, Apple is also offering 200gb of free iCloud storage for those in the education system.”
Chromebooks vs iPads costings
“Last low-cost iPads at £212 or $299 Chromebook is still only $150 to buy.”
Imbalance between the Tech and Education issues in EdTech
“Quite often the frustration from teachers in the EdTech market is that there’s more focus on the Tech than on the Education side of the coin.”
83% of the market is dominated by Google, Microsoft and Apple
“Presently the EdTech market is dominated by Google, Microsoft and Apple with 83% market share what’s needed is new innovative companies coming into the market.”
Learning Analytics, AI, augmented and virtual reality are trends to follow in EdTech
“Currently there is a shift away from tablets style kit to augmented and virtual reality tools artificial intelligence and learning Analytics.”
Technology to make teaching easier
“Education technology needs to be carefully deployed to make teaching easier more efficient and more effective.”
Technology will not replace the Teacher
“And a final word is that the technology will not replace the teacher the technology is merely the enabler to accelerate learning.”