Top 6 UK School Websites in 2018: Web Design Inspiration

Published: August 21, 2018

It is important to acknowledge that schools in Britain struggle to afford fancy, futuristic school websites with impressive school web design because of restraint budgets. However, some schools have gone the extra mile and have built websites that not only look impressive but also attract parents to choose their school over the competition. Here are the top six school websites that excite their visitors.

1. Hawksworth CofE Primary School

Hawksworth CofE Primary have used drone footage on their homepage to impress visitors with panoramic shots of their establishment. The website was rated high for its design and development, as it demonstrates its school facilities in the most modern way – using a drone. Through a creative blend of animation and video, the site immerses the user into a very engaging experience.

2. Great Barr Primary School Academy

From music and Google translate to drone footage, this website has it all! Brilliant sound web design, navigation mechanics, and visuals mixed with great tools like Google search, school calendar and school news. All help draw visitors in to this well-made school website.
This site was built using School Jotter, which is the leading school website builder in the UK. More than 4,000 schools use the platform globally.

3. Brill Church Of England School

The school uses a minimalistic theme on their website with big, compelling visuals of their pupils and headteacher. Simple, flat, white backgrounds accompanied by beautiful typography help users to find the information they look for on the website. Brill CofE Primary does a great job of visually telling the story of their school.

4. Queens Park Academy

The website for Queens Park Academy has incredible imagery, storytelling, visual design and responsiveness. No matter what device you use, the website looks amazing without losing any of its quality. We’ve tested it on desktop, iOS and Android.
Pages are easy to navigate and there aren’t any annoying objects that get in the way of browsing, such as banners, pop-up windows, or other unnecessary elements.

5. Hoyle Court Primary School

The homepage gives off a secure vibe, which is paramount for a school website. It is the ultimate example of simplicity and embaces whitespace. There are several pathways users can take when they navigate on the homepage, but the information is positioned well and worded simply for even the least educated parents.

6. Cranborne Primary School

With its cool simple web design, Cranborne Primary provides parents with all the information they need about their offsprings school. Their high resolution images tell stories that connect with pupils and school staff. It is visually powerful and unforgettable. The bold colours produce contrast, making the words and images stand out on the homepage.

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