Selecting the Best Primary School Website Design Provider

Published: November 26, 2018

Every parent wants to send their child to the best primary school, but how do they know which will help get their little one’s education off to a great start?
Research is a crucial part of the selection process, and school websites are a common first port of call. All primary schools must invest in a polished, professional site that both makes a powerful first impression on parents and provides a competitive edge over other local schools.
Choosing the right company to build your website is essential — and below, we explore what factors make the best school website design providers.

The provider must understand your school’s individual needs

A great website design provider works closely with clients, to gain a clear insight into the primary school’s goals, character and values. The more the team knows about a school and its ethos, the better it can represent them online.
Of course, there are certain fundamental elements of website design that work brilliantly for all primary schools. These include:

  • Simple, user-friendly navigation
  • A personal welcome from the headteacher to build trust
  • Information on what makes the school unique
  • A clear menu structure
  • Educational resources (performance in league tables, assessment results etc.)
  • A guide to the school’s values and goals
  • A welcoming tone / personality
  • Contact details
  • Fast load times, especially on mobile devices
  • Responsive design
  • Quality images and videos

However, each of these factors has to be incorporated into the school website in an organic but relevant way. No two school sites should be identical.
Asking questions and listening to the school’s leaders is vital: a reliable web design provider will have a true passion for satisfying the client.

A portfolio of live websites is key

Working with an experienced primary school website design provider will help you attract parents and should have a selection of live sites to show you. If they don’t, you’re right to be wary.
This is the same as hiring an artist with no completed paintings or a baker without any cakes to prove their talent: you want to trust that the people you’re employing know what they’re doing.
Reviewing the company’s previous work is a simpler, faster way to assess their credentials than reading a lengthy proposal. Even if it’s a brand new provider, they should have example non-client sites they created to demonstrate their skills.
Take time to explore the live sites and pay attention to your user experience. Was the website well-organised and easy to use? Was there plenty of valuable information and visual content?
Only choose a provider you genuinely feel satisfied with. Don’t be pressured into a decision or go for the cheapest option.

Practical experience matters

Following on from the above, good experience is just as important as a solid portfolio. The more primary schools the provider has worked with, the better their service is likely to be.
Why? Because they’ll have a stronger grasp of what constitutes a great school site. They’ll be well-versed in important elements of education-website design. And, because they’ll know just how crucial it is to sell your school as the best choice for parents.
Any prospective provider you’re considering should be transparent about its background and previous clients. The team may present testimonials on their website and be happy for you to contact schools they worked with in the past.
Speaking to former clients provides reassurance and helps you judge the company’s suitability.

Your primary school website designers should have a strong online presence

Just as your primary school needs an online presence, so too does your prospective website design provider.
Be wary of any team that offers no contact details or a physical address; if they invite communications through an online submission form only, that could mean they will be hard to reach in the future.
And that’s unacceptable if you find your primary school website isn’t working right — or is down altogether — one morning.
Make sure your chosen company is dedicated to great customer service and offers responsive support in the event of any technical problems.

Focus on the latest tools and techniques

When you hire professionals to build your primary school website, you expect professional results. And reliable website design providers should leverage the latest software, tools and platforms to maximise their performance.
Of course, they need to understand that you may not grasp what their work involves and be willing to talk you through it in a clear, accessible way. You should be made aware of their plans for your site, their progress, their schedule and any other important points.
Ideally, your provider will be keen to keep you in the loop and ensure your school website meets your specifications beautifully. If your site doesn’t align with your school’s needs, how do you expect it to attract parents?
A good provider will build a responsive website that offers all the information and resources people need to gauge your school’s suitability for their child.

A complete end-to-end service

At Webanywhere, our expert team has built outstanding websites for many primary schools, delivering bespoke services tailored to each client’s unique needs. Thousands of schools have benefitted from our services since 2003, and we’re happy to work around your own schedule for maximum convenience.
We never charge by the hour for support or consultation. We have the tools, the training and the drive to take your primary school website from the initial design stage to launch — and beyond! Webanywhere’s team will keep your site live and updated for years to come.
Our developers will enhance all content on your site for optimal impact on users and search engines alike, helping your school reach the right people. It’s an exciting process and you’ll stay fully-informed throughout, for your complete peace of mind. We always take quality service seriously, and are committed to 100% satisfaction.
Do you want to learn more about Webanywhere’s bespoke primary school website design? Just click below to get in touch!