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Jotter Learn

Inspire young learners with the learning platform designed for Primary schools.

Revolutionise your classroom with Jotter Learn, the primary elearning platform for schools. Engage with pupils, staff and parents anytime, anywhere.

learning platforms for schools

Jotter Learn VLE

Engage pupils and save time for teachers with this easy to use VLE, designed for the needs of Primary education.

Jotter Learn provides all you need for effective lesson planning, resource sharing, individualised learning, and communication beyond the classroom.

With Jotter Learn you can:

  • Create self-marking quizzes
  • Manage your classes
  • Set homework online
  • Access thousands of ready made learning resources
  • Improve communication with secure internal messaging
  • Motivate pupils with rewards and customisable learning buddies

The tools you need to organise learning online

  • Dashboard views can be customised with personal profiles, course updates, design themes, time/date and more.
  • Coursework, notes and files can be placed in pre-defined folders ready for picking up later for marking by teachers.
  • Teachers can post notices of upcoming school activities and events, visible to pupils and their parents.
  • Pupils can send each other messages, and share their resources in a totally secure and administered online space.

Co-ordinate lessons, follow up activities and homework

Jotter Learn lets you construct a repository of teaching materials in a variety of formats such as web pages, text documents, presentations, spreadsheets and images, and attach these to your classes as necessary.

You can use your stored content to create lesson plans and use activities such as quizzes or wikis as a central part of your lesson. Forums can be used to follow up on topics covered and homework can be submitted through the VLE for marking.

Multimedia resources such as audio and video can be incorporated into your lessons for a more immersive learning experience. These resources will be available to students after the lesson to review at their leisure or use for revision at a later date.

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