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jotter tips

04 May
Using Private Areas
Category: Customer Training, Development
Storing information securely is a key concern for schools. For that reason, we you might find it useful to have a private area on your school website for governors, teachers or ...
05 May
Newsletters as file downloads
Category: Customer Training
While School Jotter does offer Newsletter capabilities, we appreciate that, for those who want a more rich and designed experience, you can’t beat PDF downloads. Often the...
21 Apr
Using timed content to create a term's worth of homework in an evening
Category: Customer Training
Coming soon Last week we showed you how to use Exercises in Learn to create and manage homework assignments and more. These are a great tool, and using some basic built-in Jotte...
31 Mar
Adding a sitemap to School Jotter
Category: Customer Training
Before we start, don’t forget to check out our new helpsite and knowledgebase at education.webanywhere.co.uk. It’s running our custom-built Promatum software for dis...
14 Jan
Adding a private page to your School Jotter website
Category: Customer Training
Welcome back to the new year – here’s your first tips post of 2016! There are many reasons you might want to add a private page to your website. Perhaps you’d ...
17 Dec
Using your unlimited cloud storage
Category: Customer Training
You might have heard a lot about cloud storage in the last few years, but did you know you already have unlimited storage through School Jotter? All Jotter customers have access...
03 Dec
Getting started with Spellings
Category: Customer Training
We’ve recently had a lot of new schools sign up to our Spellings app, so it seems like the perfect time for a rundown of how to get started using the Spellings platform. W...
19 Nov
Using tables in School Jotter
Category: Customer Training, Support
Tables are one of the most helpful, but also infuriating aspects of web design. They can be invaluable for organising items on your page, but can also be a bit of a headache to ...