The importance of learning spelling in the age of technology

Published: April 7, 2016

The importance of spelling

Learning how to spell words is one of the most useful lifelong skills and it builds the basic foundation that all children will need throughout their education and life in general. Learning how to spell is very important for other basic skills, including writing and reading. These skills support children in achieving good results and progressing through various grades. What is more, being good at spelling may have an impact on the future careers of students.

One of the hot topics surrounding the education sector also relates to learning spelling in schools. The introduction of compulsory spelling tests for all key stage 2 pupils in England is expected to improve the literacy of students.

The new spelling tests are justified by making sure the students are prepared for the secondary school. This is expected to eventually improve the standards of learning and to raise England’s position in reading and writing. However, it has caused a number of negative responses in terms of being unnecessary and putting too much pressure on pupils, causing stress or even discriminating against students who might have special learning requirements caused my mental health.

Another point that some people make against spelling tests or even against teaching spelling in school is based on the irrelevance of learning how to spell in the age of technologies.

How technologies affect the way students learn to spell?

The rise of different learning technologies causes discussions on how they could be used to support education in schools. Some people see endless opportunities in how modern technologies could benefit education, while others only see the negatives associated with technologies or even believe that technology should be banned in schools. Talking about the relationship between spelling and modern technologies, most of us are familiar with ‘autocorrect’ on our smartphones or other online resources for checking spelling. Does that mean that that it is less important for students to learn spelling at school?

Having good spelling skills is just as important as it was before different technologies were available. Although technologies provide great alternative ways for practicing spelling, it should not be assumed that learning how to spell is less relevant nowadays. Mobile phones correct our spelling and if we are not sure how to spell something, it is easy to check it online. However, different learning technologies should be seen as opportunities for learning and practising spelling and we should not encourage students to view technology as a replacement for their own thinking as there will always be situations where technology might not be available.

It is clear that it is very important to learn how to spell and it should not be considered less important in the age of technology. However, it might be worth focusing more on teaching spelling in many different ways and helping students achieve high standards without causing unnecessary stress by making them take complicated tests for spelling.

Website of the Week – Guardian Angels Catholic Primary School

Published: February 22, 2016

What a great looking website! Bright colours, beautiful images and the overall theme that definitely goes well with the school name “Guardian Angels”. That’s why this school website has been selected as the website of the week. Guardian Angels Catholic Primary School is based in Birmingham, West Midlands and it seems to be really focused on striving for educational excellence through high expectations, quality teaching and stimulating environment.

Yellow colour seems to be dominating throughout the website which makes sense because this colour represents the school uniforms. The layout of the website is clear and it is easy to navigate. The homepage features some nice pictures of children alongside the links to the main pages. The menu bar includes links to other pages where you can find all the information regarding students, learning materials and the school life in general.

I really like how the school website includes links to useful websites and other online learning materials for pupils. They can be found under ‘Pupil Page’. It’s great to see that the school is using our Spellings app! ‘School events’ page  features pictures from previous school events and trips. This is a great way for engaging with pupils, parents and the wider community.

I’m very impressed with this website of the week that has been created by Guardian Angels Catholic Primary School. Well done!

School Jotter 4.3 release notes

Category: Release notes

Published: February 5, 2016

School Jotter will be updated to version 4.3 this evening. This is a minor release bringing a few patches and bugfixes. For more information on any of these changes, please contact

  • Purple Mash Single Sign-On has been added, this can be configured in Admin app > Purple Mash. Note this requires the school has their own Purple Mash account details.
  • Picture Logins have been added as an option for student accounts, this can be added in Admin app > Login Settings.
  • Stability, performance and security changes.


  • A new accordion element has been added, this allows rows of collapsible information to be added (such as Terms and Conditions, FAQs, etc.)
  • Changes have been made to the footer copyright details, on some tenants, to help improve SEO.


  • Leading and trailing whitespace will now be ignored when evaluating whether a spelling is correct or not.


  • Safety Shield messages can be marked as read/unread, previously it was only possible to delete these messages.


  • It is now possible to view more information when SMS text messages have failed to send.

Introduction To: Spellings | Webanywhere Blog

Published: November 27, 2015

We recently launched our new Spellings app, and have been totally overwhelmed by the responses so far – it seems this is a product that a lot of schools are interested in! It’s not hard to see why either – we’ve created an easy way for you to automatically set, mark and track spelling tests online, and our advanced features really do make it stand out from the crowd.

To start with, you don’t even need to actually set spelling tests yourself – just import some from our bank of pre-made and community-submitted accounts. Only customers can contribute to the community, so you won’t need to worry about any bad words sneaking in, and we’ll be moderating tests. Additionally, our pre-made tests have been created with the curriculum in mind, so you’ll have a complete set of lists ready to go from the start!

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