Homework: Beneficial or Harmful for Pupils?

Published: April 12, 2016

Many educators argue that homework can have negative effects to students such as causing unnecessary stress, frustration and exhaustion. Especially for primary schools, there is no evidence that homework can help pupils with academic success. Sometimes, it can contribute to loss of interest in learning instead.
From the other side, many think that homework is absolutely necessary for students’ learning as it prepares them for bigger end exams and it lets pupils work closer with their teachers and classmates.
We have created an infographic with some of the pros and cons of homework in primary schools to help teachers decide whether homework is necessary for their pupils.
We hope you enjoy it…

There is no doubt homework in primary school should be as light as possible. Teachers should always try and make it fun by using learning apps like the ones on School Jotter to increase pupils’ engagement in the classroom.