Drone Footage – The Next Big Thing for School Websites

Published: April 25, 2018

The world of videography is changing rapidly with the introduction of affordable drones in the market. Their ability to carry HD cameras and fly over inaccessible areas makes them ideal for capturing amazing photos and videos. Total drone unit sales climbed to 2.2 million worldwide in 2017, and revenue surged 36% to $4.5 billion, according to research firm Gartner.
You have probably seen websites that already use drone footage on their homepage. This is becoming a trend now with more and more website owners being able to afford such unique and stunning graphics.
The most obvious advantage of a homepage with drone footage is that it grabs people’s attention. If you are a school looking to attract parents with your website there’s nothing you could add to your page that is more attractive than showing video footage of your school facilities and students playing, exercising or studying.

Adding Drone Footage to your Homepage

Drone footage is extremely customizable. If you use a school website provider that has their own drone, you have the opportunity to incorporate exactly the kind of footage you need for your school. You can tailor the material you get to your school’s brand, or your school website provider can do this for you.
If you are planning to purchase a drone for your school to create videos, you will need to get a drone licence from a CAA approved provider.

How to tell a story with your drone footage

Using drone footage is an ideal way to tell a unique story about your school. As you probably know stories usually follow the simple structure of: beginning – middle – end. Try and think of this structure in terms of daily school life. What do parents look for in a primary school? You should use this insight and respond to them with the right video shots. This will help you tell a story that parents can empathise with. It is the emotion within these stories that will resonate with the school community.

Examples of school websites using drone footage

St Margaret Ward Catholic Primary and Hawksworth Primary School are two of the first schools in the UK to use drone footage for their homepages. Webanywhere created the two websites using the leading school website builder, School Jotter.

As a result, the two websites attract more visitors and make the school community proud.
With a School Jotter website, it is easy to embed drone footage to your homepage without knowing how to code. School Jotter is known to be one of the easiest website builders to use and this is why more than 4,000 schools in the UK have School Jotter websites and mobile apps.

Webanywhere can help you create quality aerial footage of your school in the UK. We are known for our creativity, technical skills, and experience. Check out an example of a school website we recently created using drone footage and please feel free to contact us to discuss your next project. We look forward to hearing from you!