Best School Mobile App from Webanywhere

Category: Jotter Mobile

Published: September 27, 2018

Webanywhere’s School Jotter mobile app offers your school a versatile and bespoke digital gateway that enables engagement with stakeholders and the local community, promotes your school’s ethos and serves as a fantastic way to stay connected.
Linked to our School Jotter system, the mobile app now means access to all your tools on the move. Compatible with a range of devices such as phones and tablets (both iOS and Android) users are no longer tethered and can take everything they need with them. With customisable options and an unbeatable level of customer support, a school can truly make the app their own, giving it a unique identity and setting it apart.
Whether it be creating links to the local community by making content available, streamlining work processes by using organisational tools, or sending alerts about important school events, Webanywhere’s school mobile app makes these tasks effortless and mobile, all in a digital environment that is as unique as your educational establishment.

Why your school needs its own app

  • Send free instant messages (no more buying text credits)
  • No character limit, unlimited messages
  • Add multiple contacts
  • Read receipts show the school when parents have read messages
  • Deliver the latest school news, events and updates to parents
  • Go paperless by sending letters and newsletters home
  • Send surveys for parents to complete
  • Parents can synchronise school calendar to their own device
  • A secure and reliable platform
  • DfE/Ofsted Compliant
  • Cheaper than 90% of current text message platforms

With the School Jotter mobile app, you can extend your school brand into the hands of your parents’ and send school messages and updates instantly to their mobile phone for free! We have found that for every hit on a school website a school gets around 6 hits on our mobile app.
The app is free for all end users (parents, students etc) to download from either the iOS App Store or Google Play.
Join over 4,000 schools in the UK that use School Jotter websites, mobile apps and school software.