Top 6 reasons why your school should switch to an online calendar system

Published: January 31, 2022

Does your school still use a paper-based diary to maintain the important dates and events? 

Understandably, shifting from old-school traditions takes time but if your school is not taking advantage of paperless solutions, such as an online calendar, it truly is missing out on opportunities to save valuable time. 

An online calendar is a significant tool that helps in not only keeping your diary organised but also makes communication easier and streamlines existing processes to make them more efficient. 

If that got you interested in using an online calendar, then take some time to go through the significant benefits listed below. 

1. It is sustainable 

With constant updates and communication around climate change, a sense of awareness has been created about being more responsible towards being sustainable and eco-friendly. It makes all the more sense to move away from paper-based solutions and adopt paperless solutions. 

Online calendars work best in reducing the digital footprint of your organisation as well as paper wastage. 

2. It is secured

A physical diary is always exposed to security threats owing to its nature of being portable and vulnerable. You might easily lose it or damage it, and there is no chance of it having a backup. 

With an online calendar, these challenges do not surface at all. You can easily link an online calendar to your email and also password protect it at all times. The best part is you can easily back it up on cloud to avoid any loss of data. 

3. It helps you save time 

With a physical diary, you have to keep on adding the meetings and events as and when they happen, else you might forget to appear at the right time. 

However, with an online calendar, you can save plenty of time by creating an event once and setting it up on a daily, monthly, or weekly basis by changing just a few settings. Also, if you have attendees for your meeting, they will get automatic updates if the meeting is cancelled or the dates are modified.

4. It is easy to coordinate

In the new normal of remote working, if you had to physically collate appointments from the calendars of different people, it could turn out to be a really tiring job and even more so if these people are working out of different locations. 

An online calendar is very convenient for the simple fact that it can be accessed from any location in the world and by anyone who needs access to that information. 

5. It integrates with other platforms

The best thing about an online calendar is that it can very well integrate with other platforms of your school, such as your school website and mobile app

If you would like the parents or students to access your online calendar, you can simply sync it with your internal system and the information available on your calendar will be made public. They will easily be able to see the dates of online events and other necessary information they need to access anytime. 

6. It enhances your productivity levels

Besides all other benefits, you can use an online calendar to boost your productivity levels. 

You can block dedicated slots in your calendar to complete the priority tasks within that time slot. You can either block time to complete an urgent school project or have dedicated one-on-one sessions with your students or other school members. 

Blocking slots also ensures that others do not send any meeting invites during that time or disturbs you with any unnecessary interventions. 


As you can see from the points mentioned above, an online calendar doesn’t just enable you to schedule your online events and meetings, but also acts as a time-saver and productivity enhancer. 

Start using an online calendar today to save your valuable time for handling the most critical functions of your business. If managing an online calendar is your only worry, then you can definitely take the help of School Jotter