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Published: January 26, 2016

Bett 2016 is over! Webanywhere team had an amazing time at the event and everyone is talking about new ideas for the next year already. All about making our stand better each year!

This years’ event had some exciting speakers, great exhibitors, and fantastic demonstrations, all of which were aiming to increase the awareness of new educational technologies and to provide information how schools can introduce or improve their use of technology inside and outside of the classroom.

Our stand was very busy throughout all days of the event and it was great meeting so many lovely teachers, parents and students. We loved showing our amazing products to everyone and we hope that all event visitors managed to find the best education technology solutions for their schools. Our education experts tried to introduce the benefits of our products to as many event visitors as possible. I’m sure Webanywhere team attracted some schools that will become long-term clients.

To make Bett more engaging and to give something back to some of you, we had some amazing giveaways on our stand. We gave away four giant Toblerones that received a lot of attention and four ipads mini. Congratulations to everyone who won!

Let’s not forget our special guest – Webbber – the Webanywhere meerkat. Everyone agrees that Webber was great at attracting visitors to our stand. I’m sure he made Bett more enjoyable for event visitors as well as for the Webanywhere team. We might invite him to join us next year as well:)

What Webanywhere team said:

For me it was an opportunity to meet and bond with my work colleagues that I see so rarely as a remote worker. I was able to share my experiences and expertise and this was reciprocated in bucket-loads by the team. To also have Cieran and Sally as the ‘glue’ to keep the whole show moving effortlessly added that extra layer of professionalism that Webanywhere exuded the whole week!”

“Best part was being able to work with colleagues who I don’t usually work with”

“The best thing for me was the noticeable shift in attitudes schools have towards VLE’s. People are starting to curiously explore what they can do and realise they can offer a whole lot of exciting opportunities to schools (and save them a bunch of time)”

Being Webber was really good fun

“For me one of the best things about the BETT experience for WA was seeing a ‘team’ evolve out of several new starters within the group. Sometimes this takes a long while but being in a group at a show like BETT speeds up that process. It was also great to see the new starters develop their product knowledge skills and grow in such a short period of time”

“It was like 4 days of speed-dating with people who we share a common interest with” 

It was brilliant to meet with so many teachers from across the world, I think the running total is 49 countries on our stand”

Thanks to everyone who visited the Webanywhere stand at Bett 2016 and to everyone who helped to organise it. And of course, well done to Webanywhere team!:)

Third Day At Bett 2016 | Webanywhere Blog

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Published: January 22, 2016

Another busy and successful day at Bett 2016. Today we are looking at some highlights of the third day of the event. One more day to go and Bett 2016 will be over. One more chance to meet our education experts for some demos and learn all about our education products.

Webber – the Webanywhere meerkat was extremely popular today! It was great seeing him surrounded by children (and some adults of course).   The giant Toblerone is getting more and more attention every day, and you still have a chance to win one of our giveaways tomorrow. Visit us at stand F350, all we need to do is scan your badge for free entry!

We’re really looking forward to meeting all the children taking over the ExCel arena tomorrow: Saturday is all about #KidsMeet! A new blog post with all Bett 2016 updates coming next week. Thanks to everyone who visited our stand today!

How teachers can do what technology can’t


 Bett Show always attracts a number of inspiring people from the education sector. Bett 2016 wasn’t an exception and today we are sharing one of our favourite speeches.
“How teachers can do what technology can’t”- one of the most interesting discussions at Bett 2016. It was presented by Tom Starkey who is a teacher and a columnist. He made some good points about the things that good teachers can do that any education technology can’t.

This is a topic that can definitely start a very controversial discussion, especially at the education technology exhibition. With all the latest technologies in the education sector, it can be easy to forget what the true role of a teacher is. Discussing topics like this can encourage people to remember that there will always be things that could not be replaced by any kind of technology.

 “It is a battle to be better than a computer because we are not given time enough to reflect on our own practice, to reflect on people in front of us. If a computer could do that, that would be great…”

It is important to look at both positive and negative things when talking about technology in education. There are some amazing things that technology can do to improve learning. For instance, different learning platforms can be used to make lessons more engaging, they can also be used for homework and assignments. Making lesson plans or even marking assignments can be done with the help of technology. However, as acknowledged by Tom Starkey, although technologies create some amazing learning opportunities for students, there will always be things that could not be performed by any kind of technology. Technologies provide information, but a teacher is someone who can motivate, encourage, give feedback, listen and help with building creative and curious personalities of children.
It can be said that technologies are there to provide information whereas teachers are important for guiding students on how to use that information and to provide any other support that could not be done by any kind of technology.
Check the video below for some more inspirational thoughts by Tom Starkey.

Miles Berry and Tom Starkey at Bett 2016 from Webanywhere on Vimeo.

Second Day At Bett 2016 | Webanywhere Blog

Published: January 21, 2016

Another successful day of Bett 2016 – the world’s largest learning technology event. Thanks to everyone who visited Webanywhere team at our stand today! We had a great time sharing our knowledge about education technologies.

Today our visitors had a second chance to win our amazing giveaways, including a giant Toblerone and an iPad mini. Visit us at stand F350 to find out how you can win one of our giveaways.

Webber – the Webanywhere meerkat joined us again and he received a lot of attention from Bett visitors!

We love taking care of everyone who visits our stand, that’s why we offered free coffee/tea and snacks again. I’m sure Bett visitors appreciated that.

Two more days to go! More updates tomorrow:)

Join Webanywhere at Bett Show 2016!

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Published: January 8, 2016

Webanywhere will be exhibiting at Bett 2016 – the world’s largest learning technology event!
When? Event will be taking place from the 20th to the 23rd January.
Where? ExCel Centre in London, stand F350.

Bett is your annual opportunity to experiment with the latest technology, hear from inspirational figures and experts in the industry and meet your peers from all around the world.
Join us at the event and learn more about our education products including School Jotter – the school website builder – the world’s most popular open-source virtual learning environment. Our friendly education experts will be happy to meet you, answer your questions and demonstrate our education products.
We have some exciting things planned for Bett Show 2016! Watch this space for more updates regarding the event.

Planning your time!
Download the official Bett 2016 mobile app as a planning tool for your visit and make the most of your time before the show, at the show and after the show to stay tuned.

  • Decide which speakers you particularly want to hear from and plan your schedule
  • Find out who else is attending those sessions and strike up a conversation
  • Plan your way around the show floor
  • Keep a record of your favourite speakers, exhibitors and products.

2014 Looks Exciting Already! | Webanywhere Blog

Published: December 31, 2013

Happy New Year from everyone at Webanywhere!

Before we crack open a bottle and welcome in the New Year this evening, we’d like to wish everyone, customers and non customers alike, the very best for 2014.

It looks set to be an exciting year already – and here are the three things we’re looking forward to the most…


School Merits

Our first brand new product for Primary schools since 2012 will allow you to track pupils’ progress, as well as make learning much more rewarding for your class. School Merits takes the avatar feature currently in Learnanywhere, our primary VLE, and takes it to the next level. Children will be able to buy clothes, accessories and even ‘donate’ the credits they earn through good work to charity. Sounds exciting doesn’t it! Find out more and register your interest at www.schoolmerits.com.

Design An Alien Avatar Competition

This month, we launched a joint competition with Planet Sherston. In a similar way to our own avatar competition in September, primary school children have been asked to create a character – this time an alien for the games-based learning world. If you’re on Twitter, keep an eye on the hashtag #DesignAnAlien for the latest news and see recent recent entries from schools around the country. If you’d like to enter your school or class, and stand a chance of winning a Planet Sherston subscription, click here.


The BETT Show

Who isn’t? Every year, we get to speak to thousands of teachers and ICT gurus at the show, and this time ’round it’ll be even more exciting. Not only is this the 30th Anniversary of BETT, but we’ll be unveiling School Merits for visits to try! Plus, smaller schools will have the opportunity to purchase a new, more affordable version of School Jotter. School Jotter Lite will contain many of the features that’s made School Jotter the UK’s leading Primary school website system, but without some of the less essential aspects. Find out more about School Jotter Lite by contacting us here.

If you’re looking forward to 2014 – let us know why! And of course, if you’d like to start the New Year with a new school website, or by using e-learning to engage pupils and promote e-safety, just get in touch! We’d love to hear from you.

But for now – Happy New Year!

Webanywhere at BETT 2013 and Learning Technologies – in pictures

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Published: January 31, 2013

This week saw Webanywhere take up residence at BETT and Learning Technologies. Our presence at both shows is bigger and better than ever, and both shows have been incredibly hectic – a great chance to show off our new products and chat to customers old and new.
Follow us on Twitter @webanywhere_ltd , or #BETT_Show for all the latest from the show. Here’s a snapshot of our week so far:

Meanwhile, across town at Learning Technologies

There’s still time to visit BETT 2013, its definitely not to be missed – tomorrows highlights includes ‘An audience with Professor Brian Cox – Bringing Science to Life in Schools’ (click here for the full programme)

Webanywhere are at stand F280. Reasons to visit us include:

  • A free Mathsanywhere account for primary schools who visit the Webanywhere stand
  • A 5% discount for BETT visitors on the Webanywhere product range. Simply visit the stand and get the promo code(s)
  • The launch of the new look Learner Journey e-portfolio and safe social network for schools, with enhanced functionality, improved user interface and a range of new themes
  • A chance to see a demo of the great new Learnanywhere mobile app, which allows the primary specific VLE to be accessed on the go
  • A joint promotion with Webanywhere partners Planet Sherston (stand F310) – take a product demo at both stands and claim a sticker. Attach both stickers to our flyer and get a promo code for a fantastic special offer

and of course the chance to have a coffee and a chat with our expert e-learning consultants, there to ensure your school is able to unlock the benefits of educational technology in an easy, cost effective manner.

Learner Journey: The New-Look e-Portfolio

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Published: January 10, 2013

e-Portfolios are becoming increasingly popular in schools: they allow learners to showcase their work and achievements to their peers, and gives them a permanent account of their learning path. Crucial when students start applying for jobs – and ideal for parents who want to know what their son or daughter did at school during the week.
Webanywhere’s Student Jotter has been a highly successful e-Portfolio within schools around the world – and now, it’s being relaunched and rebranded: as Learner Journey.
It’s the next generation of e-portfolio, with new features including a re-organised user interface, making it easier to use, integration with Google Apps (so you can embed documents and YouTube clips), and android/tablet compatibility (including an instant picture upload option).

Learner Journey also promotes collaborative learning: the Collaboration page is where students can share work, and actually edit it at the same time from different computers.
Learner Journey will be officially launched at this month’s BETT Show. However, Webanywhere will be hosting a special, one-off pre-launch event at our offices. We’ll have a guest speaker, Jeff Haslam from SWGFL, who will be talking about the new Ofsted e-safety requirements, how your school can protect teachers and pupils from internet dangers – and also provide you with some useful resources. You’ll also have the chance to try out Learner Journey yourself – and there’ll be a £200 discount for any school that signs up for Learner Journey at the event.
To register for the event, click here. For more information on e-Portfolios, and how they can also be integrated into the flipped classroom technique, click here.