Get More Website Hits With Our New White Paper

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Published: January 28, 2013

Getting more visitors to your website: how do you do it? With so many websites competing for people’s time and attention these days, there’s one way your School Jotter website can reach more people quicker: SEO.
What’s SEO? It’s Search Engine Optimisation, the art of getting your website as high as possible in search results on sites like Google. All is revealed in our new, free white paper, Increase Your Schools Rankings In Google, which you can find by clicking here.

In this white paper, we discuss the ways to increase your website’s rankings in Google. This will help to increase your school’s awareness within the local area, and get you in front of more existing and potential parents and pupils. Follow the guide, and soon your website will become a buzzing community of web visitors!
If you have any ideas or suggestions on how to improve your school website’s search rankings, let us know below.

School Web Design & CMS Special Offer

Published: July 19, 2010

School Web Design, CMS Special Offer

Take advantage of our special offers!!

One of the ways to help your school save money while obtaining a great bespoke website is to take advantage of our special offers. For a limited time, you can access the premium version of our school website design and our CMS School Jotter service for a discounted price.

Contact us today to see how these special prices can help you upgrade and improve your school’s website design.

Bespoke School Web Design And Content Management System

A bespoke school web design is a website that is specially designed for your specific school. It is a unique opportunity to get a great website design for schools in the UK.

A good primary school website design will help enrollment as prospective students and parents will see what your school is all about. What is more important is that no one else will have the same message or design as your school.

Your school website design will be unique to your institution and provide a positive message to all your website’s visitors. Our special programs, like CMS, ensure that your teachers and staff can manage, post, and communicate easily and effectively.

With ease of navigation, your school website design should attract and hold website visitors on site for a lot longer. Getting to know you is important if you expect the surrounding neighbourhood to send their children to your school.

If you tour the internet very often you can see many website design for schools in the UK that are in need of our special programs as well as our special offers. While many are good website designs tweaking and enhancing them is always a good move to make.

Keeping your school’s website design nice and fresh pleases the search engines and gets you a better ranking. That is where our special offers and programs come in.

They will help you tweak what you already have and make it more interesting, more fun to visit and engage prospective students and parents better. Take the time to utilize our special offer as you win in implementing it.

Attractive Templates And Numerous Useful Features And Add-Ons

Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with new ways to say what you want to say on your school website design. All the good ideas seem to be taken and not available. Trying to think outside the box may not fit your school’s image or reputation.

But do not worry, there is creative help. Once you sign on to our programs, you can take advantage of the many website design templates our company offers.

These templates help you create a more exciting website that is very interesting to read and look at. The templates also help you incorporate images and videos that capture the attention of parents as well as their children.

Make your school website design better by employing our special templates. Not only that but we also offer some great features that add a lot of pizzazz to the look of your website.

Plus, these features ensure that your website visitors can easily navigate to other pages seamlessly and quickly. Making exploring your website easier is a great way to rank and get more eyes on your school.

Finally, with our many add-ons, you can create a great website design for schools in the UK. Be unique, innovative, and creative all at the same time with our special offer and add-ons.

This is a unique opportunity for you to enhance your school’s image and reputation. Take it while the offer lasts and help your school stand out from the crowd. Just stay within reason and you should be fine.