Website Of The Week: Hawes Side Academy

Published: December 28, 2012

Your school website is the perfect opportunity to create multimedia activities for children – and Hawes Side Academy’s website,, is a great example of this.
The Blackpool academy’s School Jotter website has everything you’d expect – there’s a calendar of term dates and events, uniform details, all the most recent newsletters uploaded – but Hawes Side have taken it one step further. The Uniform page, for example, has a video hosted by pupils, explaining why they should wear uniform and how it should look.
The School Blog page, too – where teachers have uploaded videos of school activities – is a great example of using the School Jotter template to its full potential. And the Parents And Carers’ blog (within the Parents section) is filled with videos, showing how parents can really get involved with the activities at their child’s school.
But our favourite section of the Hawes Side Academy website has to be the virtual tour, where you can not only tour each area of the school with a multi-view camera – but get a full commentary and guide by the children, too!
Take a look at Hawes Side Academy’s School Jotter website here.

ICT at Lent Rise Secondary School

Category: Products

Published: September 6, 2010

Lent Rise Secondary School in Buckinghamshire has been a Webanywhere customer for the last 3 years. The school is at the cutting edge of ICT, with pupils using their ICT skills in all areas of their work. ICT has even been used to establish links with schools across Europe, Africa and Asia, contributing to the pupils’ cultural awareness.
WebAnywhere products used:
Language Resources – Frenchanywhere
School Surveys – Feedbackanywhere
Online Maths Tests – Mathsanywhere
Podcasting for Schools – RadioAnywhere
Video Broadcasting for Schools – VideoAnywhere

Lent Rise in Buckinghamshire
Lent Rise School, Bucks

Lent Rise (Lent Rise Learning World) is widely used by pupils, teachers, parents and governors.
Parents can raise concerns via the VLE and support their child’s learning through regularly checking their child’s targets.
Community cohesion is an integral and fundamental part of the school’s vision. When Lent Rise came to choose the school’s VLE, it was imperative it provided the necessary tools to enable parental engagement. Lent Rise is now determined to ensure these tools are used.
Parents are shown how the school uses ICT and how it can be used within the home or after school to support pupil and family learning. When the school first started to use School Jotter only 20% of parents
had broadband access to the internet at home. Now, only 6% do not.
Recently Lent Rise School has decided to opt for School Jotter and SIMS integration to enhance their VLE. Integrating the two systems will enable Lent Rise to present parents with
up-to date attendance data on their children and will significantly reduce the administrative duties of the staff.
“WebAnywhere’s School Jotter platform is a versatile and flexible way of providing home access to pupil, parents and the school community. WebAnywhere staff are approachable and take into consideration the needs of the individual school when planning and setting up systems. Pupils, parents and governors all find Lent Rise Learning World a valuable online resource.”
Mrs J Watson
Assistant Headteacher, Lent Rise School

School Web Design & CMS Special Offer

Published: July 19, 2010

For a limited time, we are offering the Premium version of our school web design and CMS service – SchoolJotter – on special offer at the price of a standard account.

School Web Design and CMS Offer

Make use of your Harnessing Technology Grant by the end of July 2010.
Get in touch with WebAnywhere on 0800 862 0131 to see how this bespoke school web design and content management system can help your staff to add and manage online content easily and efficiently.
School Jotter websites come with a choice of attractive templates and numerous useful features and add-ons, such as video, radio podcasting, PayPal processing for school payments and Google Gadgets.