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31 Mar
School Jotter updates
School Jotter 4.4 is here
Category: Release notes, Support
If you logged into School Jotter this morning, you might have noticed a few changes. Or perhaps not, a lot of what we’re doing is behind the scenes and designed to make Sc...
07 Jul
Think of an App Competition Closing 18th July.
Category: Development
Our Think Of An App competition is closing on the 18th of July. We’ve already received many ideas, but there is still time to enter with yours, and you could win £7,000 wo...
29 Jun
education apps
Webanywhere’s Education Apps: Our Downloadable Guide
Category: Development
Back in February, when Webanywhere revealed the next generation of e-learning, we had just two apps available to buy: Learn and Merits.
25 Jun
Win A Whole Suite of Apps!
Category: Development
Since February, Webanywhere has launched many exciting education apps. Now, for our next development, we need your help.
28 May
Screenshot from 2014-05-28 14:40:42
Featured App: School Merits
Category: Customer Training, Development
Last month, we posted the first of our Featured App blog posts, giving an overview of Bloganywhere, our new blogging app.