School Jotter of the Week: Bishopstone Primary School

Published: May 2, 2014

Bishopstone CoE Primary School’s website has one of the most interesting designs we’ve ever had the pleasure of working on. The Wiltshire school has gone for a splash page to entice visitors into their website – and you can see this above.

Splash pages are a fantastic way of introducing your school website. They give you the opportunity to be completely creative, without the need to think about where content needs to go. In the case of Bishopstone, they’ve used a cartoon-style image to show both their school and its environment.

Splash pages are also useful because, as many schools will know, internet connections can be slow – and a website can sometimes take time to load. A splash page usually loads much quicker – meaning visitors will not get frustrated and navigate away before your website has loaded.

If you would like a splash page for your website – take a closer look at Bishopstone CoE Primary School’s website here, and then get in touch with us here.