School Jotter of the Week: Mary Howard & St Andrews Primary Schools

Published: June 13, 2014

Having an engaging, easy-to-use website system like School Jotter comes with its benefits – like improving home/school links, and allowing all teaching staff to contribute to the school website. But sometimes, smaller schools are put off by the cost of these benefits.

Mary Howard Primary School and St Andrew’s Primary School have shown a neat way of getting around this. Both are very small schools near Tamworth, Staffordshire, with only around 40 pupils each, and they have combined their online presence with one school website for both of them.

This solution would also work especially well if neighbouring infant and junior schools combined, because it would make for a much more convenient online presence for parents to use.

In the case of Mary Howard and St Andrew’s, the website has literally been split down the middle, with the menu bar divided in two and each school given their own pages within the website. Schools colours are used on the relevant side of the page, as are school logos – but the overall theme is kept nice and uniform with the cartoon-style children in the header, and menu options available.

If you’re a small school and would like to discuss partnering with another nearby school, so that you both are able to use the UK’s leading primary school website system, get in touch with us here.

You can view the Mary Howard Primary School and St Andrew’s Primary School website here.