Website of the Week – Warden Park Academy

Published: September 29, 2015

When I first asked our consultants for recommendations for our Website of the Week, I was told that “when it goes up onto the web, Warden Park has to be one”. So when I got the notification that Warden Park was online I was quite excited to check it out – and I certainly wasn’t disappointed.
I should point out that there are actually two websites here – Warden Park Primary and Warden Park Academy . The differences are subtle but clearly mark the distinction between a primary school and a secondary academy. While the Primary website utilises graphics and a “reach for the stars” motif, the Secondary website prefers to use the visual aspects of its uber theme to show off images of the school and students.

What must be commented on is how these sites are an absolute pleasure to use on mobile and tablet devices, being fully responsive and designed to look great at any resolution. The large buttons below the header image mean there won’t be any problems trying to find the right section of the website. Both sites are very “visual” in nature, with minimal text promoting easy navigation. On clicking the tiles, more options are swiftly and intuitively presented, it’s overall a very fluid and responsive system.
I know it’s pretty much my job to enthuse about school websites, but I genuinely love the designs that Warden Park has selected. It’s rare to find a website that’s so smooth and pleasant to navigate, which really shows off the abilities of School Jotter. This is a design that puts quite a lot of multinational corporate websites to shame!